Kristin Bauer Van Straten Talks True Blood, Fashion, and Fighting for Africa’s Wildlife

By  July 30, 2012

KRISTIN BAUER VAN STRATEN as True Blood’s fiercest fashionista, Pam De Beaufort has an assertive allure that nobody can resist. Glam got a chance to chat with the True Blood star, who came out in support of HSN’s launch of the Forsaken collection inspired by the HBO hit, about twists and turns this season, her personal style, and the animal-friendly project she has coming up next.

Q: So how’s the rest of the season shaping up for Pam and her new progeny?
A: She is going to be dealing with this new, petulant child, and dealing with the authority. So, as usual, the stakes get higher and higher as the season goes. And they’ve done a really good job on the show of creating good drama. It should be fun to watch.
Q: We must say that Pam is very sartorially savvy, what are her style secrets?
A: We have a lot of fun with Pam, [Costume Designer] Audrey Fisher and I. Over the years, we’ve added a layer to her character and a layer to her clothing every year. Because she’s immortal, and she’s lived for a long time, she borrows from every decade, and that’s been really fun. I feel like Pam is, as a character, the most interested in fashion. So it gives Audrey and I a little leeway to play.
Q: What about your own personal style? Do you borrow from Pam’s closet a lot?
A: I borrow now. Some of it has rubbed off. But, in my own life, I love to be comfortable. Vampires don’t feel pain, but humans do.
Q: The season’s almost over, but are you working on any other projects in the meantime?
A: In a month, I’m headed to Africa to produce and direct a documentary on elephant ivory and rhino horn poaching. So right now, I’ve got a Kickstarter campaign called “Out for Africa,” and that’s been keeping me very, very busy. I’ve been up all night, emailing Africa, because they’re awake when I like to be sleeping. I’m living the vampire life in order to try to save a species, so that’s going to be my hiatus.

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