Legendary Leggings

By  September 22, 2009

Leggings and tights have had their fair share of time in the spotlight, but the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet. In fact, we think they’ve reached a state of limbo—not quite tights, not quite pants—but more importantly, they’re becoming increasingly bold. Whether these new leggings are embellished with loud prints, bold colors, sequins, or more, they’re certainly not your standard black quasi-pants anymore!


1.    Daddy Long Legs Leopard Print Leggings, $57.75 at My-Wardrobe.com.
2.    Rose’s Tights, $14.99 at ModCloth.com.
3.    Alice + Olivia Black Sequin Long Leggings, $297 at ChickDowntown.com.