Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Green Blimp at Kids’ Choice Awards

By  March 29, 2009

Nickelodeon’s 22nd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards — an over-the-top viewer-voted show held Saturday in L.A. — was especially green this year.

Not only was there plenty of green slime, but the children’s cable network gave out its first-ever Big Green Help Award during the show. Cameron Diaz presented Leonardo DiCaprio — “the coolest guy on this hot planet,” she said — with the blimp-shaped trophy. The network said the new award was being given to the Revolutionary Road star because of his contribution to environmental issues, including his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

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“Do you like this planet that we live on? Is this an awesome place to live or what?” DiCaprio asked the audience after playing a film about how he lives an eco-friendly life. “Well, it’s the only place we’ve got… We need all of you, the next generation, to take action. In fact, I bet someone watching this very show tonight will be a part of the solution to global warming.”

The show’s host, former wrestler Dwayne Johnson, helped hand out other awards throughout the night.

When High School Musical 3: Senior Year beat out such superhero flicks as The Dark Knight and Iron Man and the Adam Sandler comedy Bedtime Stories, the HSM stars took the stage to accept their orange blimp award.

“Lately, a lot of people have been taking credit for bringing back the musical,” Zac Efron said. “The truth is, we’ve known who’s been responsible for bringing back the musical all along. It was you guys!”

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The fans also got shout-outs during musical performances by the Pussycat Dolls and the winner of Favorite Music Group, the Jonas Brothers.

Not only did children get to vote online — the show set a record with 90 million votes — for their favorites in movies, music, television and sports, but they also got to choose which stunt Johnson would do at the end of the show. Instead of knitting leg warmers or singing opera, he had to dress up like Miley Cyrus — in a skimpy red dress and long wig!

Cyrus — who was nominated in four categories this year — got another surprise that night when she won Favorite Female Singer for the second year in a row.

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“I really thought I was going to lose, so thank you guys,” said Cyrus, who beat out Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Rihanna, who didn’t attend the show. “I’m so excited. I know this isn’t like the Oscars, but it’s still amazing becuase unlike any other awards show, it’s all because of you guys.”

Nearly more important than the awards themselves, was the famous Nickelodeon slime sessions.

Who got slimed this year?

Johnson shocked singer Jesse McCartney with some of the green glop, and presenters Sandra Bullock and Hugh Jackman got sprayed with the stuff while awarding Twilight as Favorite Book.