Lindsay Lohan, Michael Lohan

By  April 07, 2009

Lindsay Lohan, Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan‘s split from girlfriend Samantha Ronson is a chance for the starlet to get her career back on track, her father told

“I hope Lindsay can move on,” Michael Lohan said. “I know Lindsay’s upset over this, but it’s an opportunity for her to get on with her life and pursue her career and the goals she should’ve been pursuing all along.”

Lindsay, 22, confirmed her breakup with the celebrity DJ on Monday after rumors of a split swirled for weeks. Lohan denied a split last week, but her father said the couple has had a “toxic” on-again, off-again relationship for a while.

Lohan spent months encouraging his daughter to break up with Ronson, calling the DJ a “drug,” and “controlling,” and insisting Ronson didn’t have Lindsay’s best interests at heart. An incident Friday night, in which Lindsay was barred from a Ronson family party in Los Angeles, was indicative of the couple’s troubles, he said.

“All I know is that they were very rude to Lindsay and they had no right to be that way. Lindsay has never been that way to Samantha. Dina has never been that way to Samantha,” he said. “I’m a different story because I’ve always believed that what Samantha has done, just dragging Lindsay around just to enhance her career, is wrong. It’s pretty evident now. So let’s see where Samantha’s career goes when Lindsay’s not around now.”

Lohan declined to comment on when he last spoke to Lindsay and tabloid claims that she cuts herself and is again using drugs. He also said his ex-wife, Dina, did very little to protect Lindsay from Ronson.

“I’m trying to sit down — and the lawyers, the counselors — all said we have to sit down with Lindsay, but Dina has said, ‘F— that, f— that and f— that!’” Lohan said. “Now it’s cost Lindsay her emotions and her well-being.”

Noting that Lindsay “hasn’t done anything” when she was dating Ronson, Lohan advises his daughter to “concentrate on herself and just get herself back on her feet” — but hopefully not with Ronson.

“I don’t even want to think about it,” he said.

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