Living La Vie De Boheme With Anna Sui

By  November 01, 2013

anna sui la vie de boheme

Anna Sui knows all about encompassing romanticism through style, so it’s no wonder that her latest fragrance embodies the same whimsical quality as her charming clothes. The veteran New York based designer encourages her free spirited fans to take the Sui spirit one step further by falling in love with La Vie De Boheme, a playful perfume in iconic Anna Sui packaging that features a burst of fruits and florals, with musky undertones of black vanilla and sandstone.

Sui is so excited about her most recent product, she even admitted to Glam that she’s totally pushed aside her last fragrance, Secret Wish, and replaced it with this one. Isn’t that like picking favorites with your children? See what else the guru of bohemian style had to say in our glam one-on-one.

Q: Who is the Le Vie de Boheme girl. What does her style look like?
The woman is usually very artistic, very individualistic and maybe even a little defiant. She likes to be special and be different from the rest of the rest of the crowd. There are all those looks that you think about that are traditionally bohemian, like the floppy hat, the long flowy skirts, so we have that in the ad too. There’s also a sense of freedom and liberation. All those things are ideas that people love and dreams people have. That’s what we tried to capture in the fragrance and the advertising.
Q: What other beauty essentials, along with your new favorite fragrance, do you stick to?
A: I have my #400 lipstick and #2 base and black eyeliner from my cosmetic line. Cat-eye is a go to because I have such small eyes and I feel like it kind of opens them up a little.
Q: What brought you to cast model Thairine Garcia, who is photographed by Steven Meisel in your ads, as the face of La Vie De Boheme?
A: She had done my shows and I thought she was so etheral looking. There was something about her that makes her look like she was born in a field of purple flowers. She just embodies my whole look.
Q: You’ve been in the industry a long time, seeing trends and styles come and go. What looks have you found to be classics, that show up despite the season, despite the year?
A: Bohemian style. To me fashion is always better when there’s bohemian styles. When it goes minimal, or too severe, I think it’s more reflective of hard times. And then once we start easing up a little, it shifts back to more feminine and decorative. Fashion is a pendulum, it goes from one extreme to another. So if it’s too much one way, it’s going to come back the other way..
A: It seems that you’ve done it all, but what’s the next for Anna Sui?
Q: I’ve done a collaboration with Fila. It will be out in the spring time but it’s for China and Asia only. It’s very iconic Anna Sui mixed with very iconic Fila, so it’s very sporty but you have your butterflies, you have your flowers, you have your purple and black. It’s all there.