There are a few things that I love to keep in my home — plants, color and gold accents. I just can’t get enough. I love retro, vintage and mid-century style furniture, and let’s just say that gold accents are all over the place.
’ve always wanted a Moroccan wedding quilt, in a soft natural color palette.  And lately, the hand-crafted quilt is making a comeback, and now I want one more than ever. [...]
I’m a little obsessed with interior inspiration, but the one thing that I can’t get enough of is bedrooms. Getting a glimpse of someone’s home is so personal, and it’s multiplied ten-fold when it comes to their bedroom — it’s
When we broke the news that H&Mwould finally launch its much-awaited e-commerce site, we didn’t know that with it would be a new addition: home![...]
Picking up the newspaper first thing in the morning is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the smartphone and tablet revolution hitting us pretty hard, who really has the time for the newspaper? Yet, comic strips remain one of the
I fall in love with my husband a little bit more every day.  And a few times each year, mostly at major life events, but sometimes when he says or does just the right thing, I fall in love all over again. [...]
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