4 Chic Home Design Tips from Jeremiah Brent

By  July 11, 2014


Jeremiah Brent‘s work is synonymous with interior design eye candy that you can fill up your entire Pinterest page with (he did decorate Rachel Zoe‘s home after all). Naturally we jumped at the chance to pick his brain and get decor tips for our own homes during a recent luncheon he hosted with Wave Petunias at BLT Fish.

1. What are some current seasonal design trends to incorporate into your home?

Generally I’m not a huge fan of following “trends”–both in design and fashion. I think it limits people’s ability to work in a creative and personal capacity. I think your space should be derived from who you are and not necessarily what’s “in” at the moment. One thing that I’m noticing more and more of, however, is that there’s more of an emphasis on nature–natural materials such as geodes, stones, trees, plants, etc. are becoming widely used throughout home design. There’s a huge melding of the indoors and outdoors right now.

2.  Where are some unexpected places you can incorporate flowers or plants in your home?

For me, I love mini bouquets randomly throughout my dressing room and bathroom, such as a small bouquet on a dresser or on a round marble table next to the sink. Sometimes the smallest touches add the most to a space.

3. What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when designing interiors? How do you avoid/solve those problems?

People are often paralyzed when dealing with their own spaces and often find themselves rushing to make everything look like page 34 of a catalog. When they’re done, they can’t see themselves in their space. My biggest advice is: take a moment and reflect. If it’s not absolutely beautiful or absolutely functional, then you don’t need it.

 4.  How do you keep a home from looking too “designed” and still cozy and lived in?

I really believe that your home should be curated to yourself: your past, your present, and more importantly, who you want to become. To steal a line from my husband’s [Nate Berkus] book The Things That Matter: “Your home tells the story of who you are.”


Current Obsession: Indoor Plants and Their Placements

By  July 11, 2014

When decorating a space, we tend to think of the artwork, ceramic accents or little knick knacks that will fill our homes and give a glimpse into our personalities. But one of my favorite items for home decor gets glazed over by many. This month, I’m obsessing over indoor plants. They’re a great accent for any space and depending on the type you get, they can require little maintenance (perfect for the girl-on-the-go).

I just love how they look aesthetically – always so clean and vibrant – and how they’re able to clean and cool the air around you. Big or small, an indoor plant can be just the right piece to pull your entire room together. Below are the three ways I’m incorporating plants into my life.

Hanging Plant

Hanging Plants - One of the greatest things about hanging plants is that they not only add dimension to a room, but they also fill a space without cluttering up your credenza or desk. There are some incredibly unique plants and hangers that will liven up your room – I’m a fan of this simplistic geometric-inspired Himmeli Hanging Planter from HRUSKAA on Etsy.


Table succulents - The chicest of living centerpieces, succulents breathe life into a room and are ideal for those who haven’t quite mastered keeping plants alive. They come in an array of colors – purple plants are always welcome in my home – and textures. You can embrace a mossier centerpiece for an earthy relaxed feel or Hens and Chicks and Panda Plants for a clean, crisp look. And if you don’t want them lying around, place them on your wall in a gorgeous piece like Williams Sonoma’s Diftwood Wall Art.

Money Tree

Single trees - One free standing plant might be all you need to brighten up your room, giving your space a fresh edge. Placing a tall plant in the corner can add a pop of color to an otherwise muted room. A Pachira plant (also known as a Money Tree) is the perfect way to include a unique accent to your living room. It’s not your typical plant – the trunk twists together for a conversation-worthy base. It’s also incredibly easy to take care of!

What are your favorite indoor plants?
<3 Mish

MP Headshot 2 finalMichelle Phan is a young digital pioneer, who trail-blazed her way in the world of fashion; beauty on YouTube. With a growing global community of over 6 million, Michelle’s videos have been viewed more than 1 billion times, making her one of the most watched talents in the digital space. She is an award-winning content creator who produces, directs, stars in and edits all of her own work, and has released over 800 videos since 2007. Her unprecedented, signature video style clean, artful, and expertly edited, with clear, easy-to-follow titles and voiceover instruction helped solidify her position as the #1 Beauty Guru and the 3rd most subscribed female on YouTube.

Day in the Life: Jess Levin of Carats & Cake

By  July 11, 2014

JessLevin day in the life carats and cake.jpg
image via Careercontessa.com

Planning a wedding is no easy endeavor. From finding that dream dress to narrowing down the guest list, there are dozens of decisions to make. We can’t all have an event planner to help us with the details, but we do have Carats & Cake on hand, the soon-to-be bride’s premiere destination for all things wedding. Founder Jess Levin sought to set up a space where past couples can help soon to be newlyweds with concrete suggestions on vendors, from venues to caterers, using photographs and reviews from their own nuptials. The goal of the stunning site simple: bring bride’s vision to life with a little bit of C&C’s magic.

5:45AM Rise and shine. I get up extra early on Mondays to hit the New York flower market.
6:00AM Quick email check. I load the site on my phone to make sure everything is up and running.


6:15AM Arrive at the flower market on 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue and wander around a few of my favorite vendors, depending on the season and my mood.
6:20AM Snap a few flower shots to send to our Digital Media Editor to post for Carats & Cake
6:30AM Head back downtown with plenty of fresh flowers for both the office and my apartment for the week. You can never have too many fresh flowers.
7:00AM I always make breakfast and bring it to the office unless I have a morning meeting. Today I put some Greek yogurt with granola from Café Cluny in a mason jar with chopped raspberries and nectarines.10362260_802672459757596_526858805_n
7:15AM Walk to the Carats & Cake offices in the Meatpacking district with a quick detour for an iced coffee at Ninth Street Espresso.
7:30AM Spend the morning catching up on email and getting organized for the day.
8:30AM Send out weekly email to Carats & Cake team with priorities and ongoing projects. Then morning meeting with the NY team to review the week ahead and go over anything urgent.
10:00AM Log into Carats & Cake and check our numbers and recent user activity and then respond to messages.
10:30AM Walk to Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee on West 13th Street. I am addicted to the Sweet Mary and their Iced Mocha with vanilla and soy milk. Call my mom and dad on the walk and wake them up to say “hi” (they live in California).
11:00AM Take a quick peek at this week’s social media features and select the content for Carats & Cake’s weekly emails.
12:00PM Weekly call with our design team in PDX to review priorities. We are working on some new things I can’t talk about yet!
12:45PM Walk to Chelsea Market, grab lunch to go, and eat outside with our interns. We talk about what they want to do this summer in New York and any ideas they have for Carats & Cake.
1:30PM Review wedding submissions with our wedding editor. Discuss editorial calendar for next four weeks.
3:00PM Buvette with one of my favorite wedding planners to chat about business and ways to grow her company’s presence on Carats & Cake10467940_254100571447384_2115120415_n
4:00PM Call with one of our advisors to discuss a potential business opportunity. Pop into Sockerbit on Christopher Street before heading back to the office. Stay on phone while shopping for candy.
4:15PM Back in the office with a giant bag of candy for the team. Respond to emails and make sure everything got done/responded to.
5:00PM Go over any questions that may have come up with the team during the day.
6:30PM Pilates.
7:30PM Make (order) dinner with my love. I try not to have plans on Monday nights.
9:00PM Check emails on my phone and email myself a list for tomorrow of things that need to get done. Quick chat with our development team before plugging my phone in.
10:00PM Bed.

10 Confetti Inspired Party Ideas {HOORAY!}

By  July 10, 2014


There’s something about confetti that just instantly makes me hear “HOORAY!” So it’s not wonder these tiny little bits of fun make a bit impact at any party. From DIY confetti balloons to party treats sprinkled with colorful fun, here are a few ideas for taking your confetti well beyond the table!

1. Confetti Birthday Printables Collection – via Hostess INK

One of the newest additions to our INK store (or as we like to call it, “Fresh INK”) is this Confetti Birthday Collection. We’re loving how versatile this look is — and we can also customize it for a bridal shower, graduation party, or any occasion that calls for a little extra confetti!

2. Confetti Cake Pops via Sweet Little Details

There are lots of ways to tie sprinkles into a party’s desserts, but I like the simplicity of these cake pops (plus the larger sprinkles seem more like confetti to me). They would be super simple to make and even easier to eat. ;)

3. Confetti Macarons via HWTM

Everyone loves funfetti cake, so why not take it up a notch for your party guests and offer them some funfetti macarons!? With a full recipe and step by step instruction, Tessa Huff (baker extraordinaire) makes macaron-making seem like a cake walk!

4. Confetti Sprinkles Rimmed Drinks via Sweet Style blog

Edible confetti is the best kind of confetti, don’t you agree? Here, a sprinkled rim makes party drinks even more celebratory! Make them adult-friendly by adding sprinkles or sanding sugar on cocktail glasses (wouldn’t that make a cute martini?!)

5. Polka Dotted Wooden Cutleryvia Red Carousel

These adorable wooden forks & spoons would go perfectly with all of your confetti themed treats! You can buy them here for a quick shortcut, or make them yourself with a plain cutlery, a pencil erase & different colored stamp pads!


6. Confetti Crown via Best Friends for Frosting

Add some sparkle to your outfit with these adorable crowns! I actually originally thought they were headbands and still think that would be a really cute idea as well. These would be a cinch to make and would be perfect for a makeover/dress-up station.

7. DIY Tuxedo Confetti Poppers via HWTM

We shared these back in Oscar Season as a fun way to make your Oscars Viewing Party POP (pun intended). The step by step instructions are super helpful if you’re looking to make your own poppers, and they can be customized with any type of confetti and outside embellishments that you’d like!

8. Doily Confetti Holders via Daisy and Tea

If you’ve decided to not go the confetti popper route and just have your confetti loosey-goosey, these doily cones are the perfect quick fix (just make sure your confetti is large enough where it doesn’t fall through the holes).

9. Confetti Balloons via bonbon balloons

Large balloons are all the rage right now, and I’ve seen lots filled with round confetti, but these clear confetti balloons are extra special because you can send them (fully blown up) as a gift! They just float right out of the box when you open it. Beautiful hand-cut confetti and a confetti garland string make these over the top adorable.

10. Mini Confetti Bottle Party Favors – via Sugar & Cloth

For the ultimate party send-off, arm your guests with these little jars! These would be so stinkin’ cute to shower over the bride and groom at a wedding, or as the ultimate surprise at a surprise birthday party! Once empty, these are still such cute favors because who doesn’t love a good mini bottle?!

jen sbrantiContributing Editor, Jennifer Sbranti is a graphic designer and founder of Hostess with the Mostess®. HWTM brings stylish entertaining ideas to light through an inspirational “how-to” website, creative online community, and popular daily blog. Sbranti’s ideas have been featured in media outlets such as The Today Show, People, InStyle Weddings, Pregnancy, and Everyday with Rachael Ray. Sbranti resides in San Diego with her husband (& HWTM co-founder) Sonny Sbranti and their two young daughters, Macy & Rylie.

Oh, So Glam: Gray Malin

By  July 10, 2014

gm1 - petal_cap_beauties_1

Have you seen the latest photography collection from Gray Malin? You might know and love Gray’s previous work (the La Dolce VitaA la Plage, and Prada, Marfa collections are all iconic at this point), and if you’re a fan, you’ll definitely dig the new Aqua Glam photographs. Capturing the glamour of early 20th century Hollywood, the images were shot at the famed 1920s Annenberg Pool in Los Angeles, and feature the synchronized swimming group Aqualillies. Aren’t these pieces so whimsical and glamorous? Which one would you want to take home with you? You can shop the full collection here.

gm2 - graceful_glam_i gm3 - aqua-glam-7 gm4 - aqua_glam_2_1 gm5 - graceful_glam_ii_2 gm6 - deco_divas

Victoria McGinley is the editor of vmac+cheese, a New York City based daily lifestyle blog that covers plenty of topics to delight and inspire, including style, design, art, culture, beauty, and original recipes. A native of Austin, TX, she’s blogged since 2008, and in early 2012, launched Vivaleur, a graphic design and blog consulting company. When she’s not blogging or working with clients, you can find her exploring New York with her husband Joe, and their French bulldog, Lucy.

Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Site Launches Soon!

By  July 09, 2014


We’ve heard about Blake Lively’s new foray into the realm of lifestyle and e-commerce for some time–since last September to be exact.

“It’s something that will be launching in a few months and that I’m really, really, thrilled about,” Lively told British Vogue last year. “The main element of it is that it’s about storytelling and it’s about living a very one-of-a-kind, curated life, and how to achieve that. There’s nothing like it out there—it’s without a genre.”

Though the site sounds suspiciously like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, we’ll get our chance to see what exactly Lively meant when her website launches on July 23! Page Six is reporting that the website will sell “curated fashionable items,” and “will have a focus on artisans and products chosen by Lively, who will appear in videos for the site.”


6 Summer DIYs for Your Home

By  July 07, 2014


1. Mason jars—is there anything you can’t turn these trendy glass containers into? You can even make a mini terrarium by using a small succulent, sparkling stones, and a bit of soil. Add your new piece of decor atop a bedroom nightstand or on the side of the bathroom sink.

2. Add a wonderful summer scent to every room by freshening up your living space with lavender sachets. Fill a small canvas or linen bag with the buds of dry lavender flowers and secure the top with a tie. Place them in drawers for sweet-smelling clothes or in the bathroom as a natural air freshener.

3. Clothespins are cute for hanging photos and memos around your room, whether strung from a string or pasted onto a message board. Decorate them for a decorative detail, using paint, stamps, or glitter.

4. A touch of your own artistry around the house is always an extra-special decor detail. Creating a trendy, chic striped painting is a simple piece to start with. Using painter’s blue tape, section off the parts of the canvas you’d like to show up as a white stripe. Then paint over each exposed section with your preferred color.

5. Make boring bath towels chic by sewing on strips of ribbon or lace. Guest towels and hand towels primarily for display will benefit from the face-lift.

6. Apply wallpaper or use a stamped paint roller to add instant charm to any room. A basic wall instantly enters the realm of chic and creative with a bit of a pattern. The look is especially easy to create in a small space like a bathroom or dressing room.



By  July 03, 2014


Happy Fourth of July, #Glamfam! Hopefully, you’re decked out in your finest red, white and blue, listening to some all-American tunes and perhaps sipping on a patriotic cocktail! Whether you’re entertaining guests, hanging out at a BBQ, or just relaxing at the beach, Glam has rounded up some style, recipe and entertainment ideas to help you maximize this holiday weekend!

  1. Still looking for your party playlist? Here are some songs to listen to all weekend long.
  2. Not sure what you’re wearing to the BBQ tonight? Check out some of Glam’s favorite star and striped pieces.
  3. Check out this roundup of party essentials from Lovelyish for everything from patriotic décor to dessert.
  4. Want to spice up your nails with a patriotic flare? Try this easy style!
  5. And, if you’re traveling this weekend, don’t forget to pick up one of these already-packed-for-you beauty kits so you can look hot on the road.

We want to see how you celebrate this weekend! Make sure to tag @glam_com and use the hashtag #USofSTYLE in the caption of your trendy 4th of July Instagram pics for the chance to win $250!


Little Black Book: Cozumel

By  July 01, 2014


Although commonly relegated to a cruise ship stop, the Mayan isle of Cozumel is well worth a visit as a destination of its own. Mexico’s largest island, located just 17 miles from Playa Del Carmen, offers adventure, sports, all kinds of eating and drinking, and of course, plenty of sun, beach, and relaxation. Traveling there is a breeze: There’s an international airport right in Cozumel with direct flights from many major US cities. Below, our guide to island living.

Where to Stay: 

Intercontinental Presidente Cozumel

Presidente InterContinental Cozumel

As the island’s only 5-Star resort, the Presidente InterContinental is a step above the other lodging options in Cozumel. Set on half a mile of sandy beach, the property offers some of the best views on the island–which can be enjoyed right from the hammock hanging on your room’s private terrace. Whether you’re headed to this beautiful Mayan destination for relaxation or adventure, this resort has you covered. Those who wish to unwind can laze their days away at the multiple pools on property, enjoy all their meals al fresco, or even play a few rounds of golf at the nearby courses. Thrill seekers are just steps away from some of the best scuba diving in the world and fill their days with other water sports right at the hotel. Whatever it is that brings you to Cozumel one thing is clear–you’ll be taken care of here.

Where to Eat:

ileile Restaurante

This little hidden gem boasts a gorgeous view, and an even more delicious menu. The restaurant serves “contemporary international cuisine” in a sleek setting sure to please even the most sophisticated palette. The food is inventive without veering into “trying too hard” territory, and highlights include a 6-cheese soup (with prosciutto, dragon fruit, apple, and grapes), grilled octopus salad (with peppers and mayonnaise), and their signature green risotto: an avocado risotto dish topped with the freshest dorado. The real treat at ile, however, is the “Chef’s Corner,” located right in front of the open kitchen. Guests are able to order whatever they wish (including vegan and other dietary options), or be surprised by the executive chef’s preparation of the day. After dinner, stick around and enjoy a libation or two on the restaurant’s plush terrace.


napaNapa Grill

For special occasions, island residents and visitors alike head to Napa Grill, a newly opened fine dining experience that combines the best of surf and turf. Guests are welcomed with illuminated menus (always a conversation starter) filled with an assortment of cuts of prime meats and selections from the Caribbean’s freshest seafood catches. The Grill also shares a wine cellar with neighboring restaurant Alfredo di Roma, which boasts the island’s largest collection of domestic and international wines.


For something a bit more laid-back, head up to Coconuts, the “bar and grill on the hill” where the drinks are large and stiff, the food is cheap and tasty, and the atmosphere can get loud and rambunctious. Set amidst lush tropical vegetation, the bar welcomes not only hungry visitors but some of the island’s most colorful bird residents as well. The menu is filled with Mexican favorites from nachos, to tacos, to ceviche and it’s easy for afternoon drinks here to turn into an evening dance party. Just remember to bring an extra tee or bikini–not because it gets that wild–but because you’ll want to leave it behind for the shirt wall.

What to Do:

fachada_gScuba Du

Cozumel is a world class diving destination, with reefs lining the entire western coast of the island. Both novices and expert divers will enjoy exploring these natural wonders with Scuba Du. The company’s experienced and certified instructors will take you out their fleet of boats for half-day dives from morning till night. Non-divers can book a snorkeling expedition or charter one of their boats for a fishing trip. But one thing is clear: when in Cozumel, get thee to the water!

Atlantis-Submarine-2Atlantis Submarine

Just because you’re not a certified diver doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the exploring Cozumel’s famous reefs. The Atlantis Submarine takes you 100ft under water for a 40-minute tour, complete with a card at every seat to help you ID any sea creatures that may swim by.  It veers a bit on the touristy side, but the views are worth it.

Where to Relax:

IC_SpaPresidente InterContinental Cozumel Spa 

I’m a huge fan of always booking a spa service while on vacation–it’s the key to helping you get completely into a relaxed state of mind. The Presidente InterContinental has a boutique spa right on property with a full menu of therapeutic and revitalizing treatments infused with many local fruits, herbs, and plants and influenced by Mayan techniques. Those who need to do some extra detoxing might opt for a traditional Mayan Temazcal ritual, complete with an area Shamon, in the property’s sweat lodge. And even though vacation practically mandates wearing your hair in beachy waves, should you find yourself needing a sleeker ‘do, stylists at the on-site salon can whip your coif into any look you want.

One of the more novel services offered by the spa is a fish pedicure, where you can book an exfoliation treatment in 15-minute increments, with or without a polish change. Rest assured at the service is completely sanitary: The Fish Spa Aquarium has a built-in auto-cleaning system. But a word to the wise: this is not for the meek or squeamish.

Cozumel-Country-ClubCozumel Country Club

If hitting a few rounds of golf is more your idea of relaxation, head over to the Cozumel Country Club, the island’s only 18-hole course and home to the local annual golf tournament. The club is also a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, which means you can book bird and wildlife tours here as well. On more than one occasion, golfers even find themselves sharing the course with crocodiles.


The Glam Beach Book Club: Your 10 Summer Must-Reads

By  July 01, 2014

summer 10

Summer doesn’t officially kick off until each of the Glam girls successfully stuffed their respective beach bags, backpacks, and totes with essential warm weather reads. From the murder mysteries to social commentary to the educational novels that we want to revisit from high school and college, here are the essential books that you should add to your reading list this summer. You’ll thank us when September rolls around and you’re vastly more intelligent and a more talented conversationalist compared to your friends.