Oh, So Glam: fermLiving

By  August 08, 2014
 ferm living1
Meet my latest home decor brand crush: the Copenhagen based ferm LIVING. Their collection of home accents, textiles, and children’s decor has such a fun, retro vibe, but everything features clean, geometric lines and shapes that’ll remain classic for ages. I’m obsessed with ferm’s line of Hex shaped goodies (like this hex shaped bottle opener and paper towel dispenser) — they’re so modern and chic!
ferm living2
You can buy ferm LIVING products directly from their website; the only downside if you’re in the U.S. is the international shipping fee is pretty hefty and all the prices listed are in Euros. A few U.S. sites also sell their products; be sure to check hereherehere and here.

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Etsy Sellers Hit Brick & Mortar Stores

By  August 06, 2014

EtsyWholesaleIn what might seem like a backwards move, Etsy is helping its sellers take their goods from the web and into brick and mortar stores. It might seem counterintuitive nowadays, given that most retailers are trying to make a big push into the online arena, but for Etsy sellers, it’s more about opportunity.

The Etsy Wholesale program, which officially launched August 5, aims to help Etsy’s more established sellers take the “next step” and start selling their goods through third-party retailers. The project has been in beta for quite some time, which explains why you might have seen Etsy creations in West Elm stores and Nordstrom’s home goods department. Etsy Wholesale is basically a private matchmaking service that sellers and retailers must apply for. Sellers must be able to show that they have wholesale experience, but if they don’t, tutorials are available to help them get started. All it costs is $100 on the selling side, and a 3.5% cut of sales made.

According to Vanessa Bertozzi, a senior program manager at Etsy Wholesale, “We knew retailers were already coming to Etsy.com [to find] emerging designers. What we heard from retailers is that it was hard to suss out which sellers were able to do wholesale versus which weren’t.” Hopefully, the new program will result in a number of successful matches and give plenty of budding designers some serious exposure.

Whitney Port Dishes on Her Wedding Plans!

By  August 01, 2014


Wedding bells are ringing for three of The City and The Hills cast members this year. Olivia Palermo already tied the knot in a small ceremony, while Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are still in planning mode for their own nuptials.

Ever the designer, Port teamed up with Wedding Paper Divas to craft her own wedding invitation collection, unsatisfied by the offerings out there already. She created six new invitations – Aztec Allure, Lavish Laurel, Enchanting Affair, Elegant Union, Golden Garland and Botanical Bliss, meant to satiate any couple’s whimsy.  “I really wanted there to be something for everyone,” she explained of her latest project. “A wedding is something so personal to a couple so I wanted to make sure I was covering every different type.”

Hardly the typical white invitations, Port’s designs vary from bohemian to Aztec prints, geometric shapes to watercolors. Though she wouldn’t reveal which stationary was most like her own wedding invites, she did admit that her favorite is the Lavish Loral, explaining she most gravitates towards its whimsy, monochromatic feel.

As for her own wedding planning, Port and her fiance Tim Rosenman don’t have a theme just yet, but they’re relatively stress-free. “I’m particular and I’m creative so I want things to be a certain way, but I’m calm. When you know you’re doing something right and the reason you’re doing something is so amazing, it’s hard to be stressed out.” Since beginning to plan her wedding, Port’s learned the importance of staying focused. “You don’t need to stress the small stuff. I probably will sweat the small stuff but the important thing is to enjoy the journey because you only get it once – hopefully! It can be such an amazing boding experience if you’re relaxed about it.”

The collection will be available exclusively on WeddingPaperDivas.com beginning August 14. Take a look at the full collection here.

Swank Serving Ideas For Your Summer Cocktails

By  July 31, 2014

For your next summer celebration, deliver delight in the details by serving sippers in interesting, unconventional ways. Guests will appreciate the creativity—and your party will get an instant upgrade in the chic and swank department.

1. Mason Jars
For a shabby-chic aesthetic, make drinks in individual sealed mason jars and have your friends and family grab their premade refreshments from an ice bucket.
Home Essentials “Chalk It Up” 16 oz. mason jars, set of 4, available at Casa.com for $18.99

2. Tin Buckets
If you go the mason jar route or offer bottled beverages such as Smirnoff Ice and/or beer, a swanky presentation via a tin bucket is always a success. Extra points if you style the cool container on a bar cart like the one we found.
Galvanized metal rolling wagon party bucket, available at Pottery Barn for $199

3. Garnishes
Offer guests garnish options on a tray near the drinks. Invest in a bar tool to peel citrus fruit on the spot for its aromatic zest.
Microplane® stainless-steel citrus bar tool, available at Williams-Sonoma for $19.95

4. Dispensers
A bar lined with glass dispensers is a convenient as well as classy way to serve drinks, especially mixed cocktails. Just make sure to label each container.
Pour Delight drink dispenser, available at Modcloth.com for $34.99

Tips for a Perfect Road Trip

By  July 31, 2014


Quick, before summer runs out–it’s not too late to participate in a timeless American tradition.

Road tripping across the USA is a popular pastime for good reason. What’s more fun than cranking up the tunes and discovering amazing sights and local favorite places to eat and shop? Not much! I’m speaking from experience as a regular road tripper.

My longest road trip was from Miami, all the way across the south to New Orleans, San Antonio, El Paso, Phoenix, Los Angeles and finally up to San Francisco and back!  Most summers my husband and I take to the open road, and by now we’ve got things down to a science. Let me share my top road trip tips so you’ll have the best road trip ever!

  • Print your route. Yes, there’s modern technology. But all of the best map apps won’t do you much good when you’re out in the middle of Nowhere, USA with absolutely zero reception on your phone. The smartest thing you can do is map out your route ahead of time and print the step by step instructions on how to get there. That way when your helpful navigation device’s voice fades away you won’t feel panicked and lost.
  • Download your playlist. The same rules for maps will apply to your music. You can put together a sick road trip playlist and 45 minutes outside of the city be stuck listening to crackly, unfamiliar FM radio. Choose your favorite road trip soundtracks and download them to your device. That way you’ll have continuous tunes throughout.
  • Fill your car with healthy snacks. Think carrots, celery sticks, cashews or peanuts, fat free popcorn, and spears of fresh pre-packaged fruit. Think of mini cheese platters and pre-sliced salami to go with crackers. You want food that you can eat in the front seat while in motion, and you want food that won’t make you feel weighed down and sleepy. Gum is a great way to keep the snacking to a minimum on those long stretches of open road. Road food is pretty much all fast food, so packing items to make sandwiches along the way is wise.
  • Pack and position your cooler.  Two-person road trips are the best, because while one person drives the other can be DJ and photographer and head chef. Pack your cooler wisely – drinks to the front, food items you don’t need often towards the back, healthy snacks within reach, ice all over to keep it chilled. Position your cooler in the middle of the backseat so you can easily reach back and get what you need. That way you can keep rolling without having to stop too often.
  • Get your car together. Make sure you have a spare tire, jumper cables and a flashlight. Get an oil change. Fill your gas tank. Don’t roll out until your car is completely road ready. Having AAA is always a wise move on a road trip.
  • Get a good night’s rest the night before. There’s been so much in the news about driving while tired–it can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Don’t push yourself to the absolute limit when road tripping. When in doubt, pull over to rest your eyes for a power nap. If you’re considering driving all night, think better of that and get yourself a safe hotel for the evening to recharge. Remember, late at night you’re more likely to encounter other tired drivers so it’s best to have sharp sensibilities when sharing the road with all the SUV’s and semi trucks. 

Contributing Editor, Patrice Grell Yursik is the creator of Afrobella.com, one of the first blogs to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and ladies of all skin tones and sizes. Affectionately called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice takes her readers inside unique beauty, fashion and cultural experiences.

Editor's Pick: Elizabeth Mayville's "Top Knot" Series

By  July 31, 2014

Discover your next obsession with our Editor’s Pick series, must-have products for your home, wardrobe, makeup bag, and office curated by Glam editors.

elizabeth mayville.jpg.jpg

My first self-purchased piece of original artwork sits above my bed as a conversation piece for anyone who first visits my room. “Is that you,” they ask, looking at the brunette in the painting, and then back at the messy brown bun sitting a top my own head. “No, but it could be,” I reply.

That’s what brought me to purchase the 8×10 piece by Grand Rapids based artist, Elizabeth Mayville. From the striped tee to the ombre highlights, the girl who inspired the painting now sitting in my bedroom could have very well been me. Take a look through Mayville’s collection of still lifes and portraits, especially her series of oil and gouache “hair paintings” which feature the back of deconstructed top knots, beautiful braids, and ballerina buns, and you’re sure to find your look-a-like too. Adorable and affordable, with originals being sold on her Etsy page in the hundreds and prints under $30, Elizabeth Mayville is the perfect artist for the modern girl who is just starting to add pieces to her first apartment.

8×10 ‘hair painting,’ $175

In Season: 6 Sweet Summer Cool-Downs With Smirnoff Ice

By  July 30, 2014

The guest list is confirmed, the menu is set, the decor’s been determined, and, naturally, your party outfit is already hanging behind the door. The last step toward readying your swanky-chic summer bash and arguably the most important touch: Stock the bar, with cool cocktail creations in mind.

Provide party guests with something smooth and refreshing to sip all evening. Summer and Smirnoff Ice go hand in hand, especially for a get-together where there may be myriad beverage preferences. Versatile, crisp, and perfect for the season, Smirnoff Ice can be served alone, as a citrus taste treat, or, for something different, combined into a creative concoction. Try out these recipes for your bash!

Stripey Shandy (2 servings)
1 (11.2 oz.) bottle Smirnoff Ice Original
1 (11.2 oz.) bottle Red Stripe beer
Lemon wheel
Into a pint glass, pour chilled beer, then Smirnoff Ice, and top with a lemon wheel.

Smirnoff Ice Original Sangria (10 servings)
2 cups Smirnoff Ice Original
2 cups Butterfly Kiss Chardonnay
Fruit for garnish: oranges, blueberries, limes, lemons, raspberries, apples, peaches
Soak fruit in wine.
Pour into a punch bowl and stir in Smirnoff Ice Original.
Serve with fruit.

Smirnoff Ice Preparada
Into a pint glass, add ice and fresh fruit such as oranges, pineapple, apples, limes, strawberries, cherries, lemons, and limes.
Pour Chamoy and Chili Lime seasoning to your liking over fruit.
Stir in Smirnoff Ice Original.

Smirnoff Ice Bellini Sangria (10 servings)
2 cups Smirnoff Ice Peach Bellini
2 cups Butterfly Kiss Moscato
Fruit for garnish: peaches, cherries, raspberries


A Look at H&M’s Fall/Winter 2014 Home Collection

By  July 29, 2014


A little under a year ago, H&M launched its highly awaited e-commerce site with a new addition: home! Now, we’re excited to share our favorite looks from the Swedish retailer’s fall/holiday offering. One word: gorgeous. The products are everything you could need to perfect your #shelfie. Think velvet cushion covers, faux fur throws, and floral bedsets–talk about looking forward to home for the holidays. Click through to see the best looks.

Instagram Diary: Hitting the High Seas with Canyon Ranch

By  July 25, 2014



There’s a certain decadence associated with cruises: beautiful destinations, lengthy voyages, and endless buffets. It’s easy to overindulge in certain aspects, but spa authority Canyon Ranch has partnered with Celebrity Cruises to bring everything into balance. Luckily, they also brought me along for the ride.

Scott Campbell's SAVED Wines Save The Arts

By  July 25, 2014

SAVEDWinesSave the arts by drinking wine? Sounds good to us. Contemporary artist Scott Campbell and California winemaker Clay Brock, founders of SAVED wines, have released a special limited edition gift set that benefits Free Arts NYC. A group of 100 screen printed black lacquer boxes with original artwork by Scott Campbell will hold newly released vintages of SAVED Red Wine and SAVED “Magic Maker” Rosé.

The artwork on the boxes was inspired by the wine labels and projects Campbell’s belief in the power of symbolism and its ability to set positive wellbeing in motion. The box is available for $100 at SAVEDWines.com. All proceeds will benefit the charity and be used for arts programming in schools.