Back to school is in full swing right now, and if you're looking for a fun way to celebrate all the studious excitement, here are 5 Cute {& Homemade} Back To School Party Dessert ideas to try out! From clever edible "crayons" to cute
My mom just bought me a rice cooker with a Crock Pot-style/slow cooker button that allows me to make stews and other delicious meals![...]
Truth be told, we like to think of every day as National Dessert Day. That doesn't mean we won't be using October 14th as an excuse to whip up some decadent desserts for our loved ones. Celebrate our new favorite holiday with us by trying
When we were freshmen in college, Joe and I lived in the same dorm. There was a major cafeteria in the bottom floor, where most of the freshmen on our side of campus ate, and it was notoriously bad (the campus went into an uproar when, in
Mmm, strawberry jam! There’s nothing like fresh jam, be it simply on a hearty piece of toast or biscuit with a cup of joe or, my favoirte: inside a baked brie. #salivating.[...]
Although I can’t function without my cup of joe in my Cup of Joe mug every morning, I do enjoy a nice cup of tea every once in a while. There is such an array of choices when it comes to tea. Here are my favorite picks![...]
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