Made for Him… But Works For You Too!

By  February 09, 2010

So you’re dating a product-loving bonafide metrosexual. If you’re over him swiping your beauty loot for his own personal use, time to turn the tables… Here’s a list of the products you can buy for him, and then use it all up on yourself. Here’s hoping he gets the hint!

Men-grooming-productsIf you’re drenched in sweat after an hour-long spinning class, wash your face with his Lab Series for Men Power Wash, $18 at, and your body with his Anthony Logistics for Men Glycerin Cleansing Bar Citrus Blend, $8.50 at

Period pimples and unsightly whiteheads go as swiftly as they come with his Kyoku Lava Masque, $32 at

After you’ve waxed/shaved/plucked/depilatated every strand of hair below your lower lash line, soothe your skin with his Nivea Sensitive After Shave Extra Soothing Balm, $7.50 at

Make sure your skin stays matte all day long with his Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur Shine Stopper Gel, $26 at

If you’ve been out all night long, depuff with his Givenchy Man Intensive Anti-Fatigue Eye Lift, $41 at

xx, India-Jewel Jackson
Twitter: OnGlamBeauty