Make the Most Out of Your Mascara

By  May 27, 2009

Shelling out big bucks for great mascara is completely necessary if you want luscious lashes.  But a month later it’s already dried out and leaving huge clumps, making it look like I only have about four spiky eyelashes.  What’s the deal?  I decided to do some research, since I know this is a common problem.  I found some interesting tips that I’d love to share to help all you beauty queens make the most of your mascara.


  1. My roommate woke me up every morning this year with the sound of the vicious pumping of her mascara wand in and out of the tube, hoping to catch up as much inky paint as possible.  If I knew this fact then, I would have been able to tell her she’s not helping her situation (and that that sound is super annoying and keeping me from catching some more precious zzzs.) tells us that when you pump your wand into the bottle, it adds air which dries out mascara more quickly.  So stop pumping (and waking up your roommate) and try twirling instead.
  2. Roll the tube in your hands for ten seconds before applying. tells us doing this trick helps move the mascara to the inner walls of the tube, making it easier to apply.  Wonderful!
  3. also tells us that wiping off your mascara brush with tissue paper is a miracle worker.  This gets rid of all dried clumps and mascara that has been exposed to air and has thus started to dry out.
  4. Mascara wands rarely reach the bottom of the bottle, so there’s always tons of mascara that is still fresh at the bottom. suggests cutting the bottom of the bottle (carefully with a craft knife) and using what’s left down there.  Seal it back up with cling film and a rubber band so you can use the mascara more than just that once.

These tips are great for making mascara last longer, but this doesn’t mean you should keep your mascara bottle for a full millennium!  It will start to grow bacteria which can cause an eye infection, so it’s best to suck it up and buy new mascara every 3-5 months.

xx, Arielle Sobov