Make / Wear / Read: August

By  August 07, 2014
makewearread - august
In “Make/Wear/Read”, Victoria will be sharing her latest tips and inspirations on what to Make, Wear and Read to get you through the week, stylishly!
Make: The perfect dinner for summer time: fish tacos with a zesty cilantro lime slaw. Light, healthful, super satisfying.
Wear: A romper. Because after all, summer won’t be here for much longer…
Read: This fantastic article on the culture of busy-ness, and how it impairs our ability to think and reflect. It’s a good one.

Victoria McGinley is the editor of vmac+cheese, a New York City based daily lifestyle blog that covers plenty of topics to delight and inspire, including style, design, art, culture, beauty, and original recipes. A native of Austin, TX, she’s blogged since 2008, and in early 2012, launched Vivaleur, a graphic design and blog consulting company. When she’s not blogging or working with clients, you can find her exploring New York with her husband Joe, and their French bulldog, Lucy.