Miley Cyrus’s Sheet Style

By  April 28, 2008

miley cyrus vanity fair

Miley Cyrus, photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair


Poor Miley Cyrus: Just as her Hannah Montana fame reaches fever pitch, some curmudgeons are trying to burst her pop culture bubble. In case you haven’t heard, photos of the 15-year old starlet—clothed only a white sheet—will appear in next month’s Vanity Fair are causing quite a stir. (Cyrus Junior says she’s shocked and embarrassed by the racy-ish snaps; VF says she and her keepers signed on the dotted line.)


While some speculate that the controversial snaps may hurt her spotless girl-next-door reputation—and jeopardize her next few Disney films—it may in fact seal the deal to her inevitable superstardom. After all, the white sheet photo shoot is rite of passage for many of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. Used as frequently in fashion shoots as an L.B.D. or Dior evening gown, the 500-thread count prop is oft employed when editors and photographers are in need of an intimate portrait (and racy lingerie just won’t do). So cheer up Cyrus! You’re in good, albeit scantily clad, company:

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Snaps from: New York Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, Vanity Fair, and Entertainment Weekly