Nail This Look!

By  August 21, 2009


Many women get a weekly Mani/Pedi but tend to go for more natural looking colors. Nail stylist Jin Soon Choi has collaborated with MAC to create Nail Trend, their fall and winter line of nail polishes, to bust you out of the color doldrums. When talking about the shift from neutrals to bolder colors, Choi said, “In the past couple of years women have forgone beige, neutral colors and instead, opted for colours that were once thought of as experimental — I’m talking about blues, blacks and deep purples.” These six colors pack a lot of color into a little bottle by only needing one coat to get full color payoff. Soon also revealed, “One coat of any of the six colors is all a woman on-the-go needs. The texture of these polishes covers the entire nail evenly in just one coat; finish with the Overlacquer as a top coat, and you’re out the door.

Available August 27th for $12 at

xx, Valis Vicenty