Nancy O’Dell’s Red Carpet Furniture Collection

By  February 24, 2010

There are many sides to Nancy O’Dell. She’s a wife, mother, broadcast journalist, and red-carpet regular. She’s also a furniture aficionado. So it’s no surprise that the famous blond bombshell has put her passion and fashion sense to work creating beautiful outdoor furniture she’s so aptly named  the “Red Carpet” collection. We talked to O’Dell about the fabulous designs, aesthetic inspiration, and her personal must-haves for creating a cozy and haute home.


What made you want to design a collection of outdoor furniture?
I’ve always had a love of furniture. You have it for a while, and you can pass it down to siblings and kids. My husband laughs at me because we’ll be in an area where there’s a bunch of different stores and instead of looking at clothes, I look for furniture. I can wander around a furniture store for hours.

It’s called the Red Carpet collection. Now, you’re obviously a staple on the red carpet, but what inspired the name for a furniture collection?
First of all, it’s what I do for a living. So that was a natural fit. But also, when people hear “red carpet”, they think high-end and A-list. And that’s the kind of furniture we are creating. There were so many things I saw on the red carpet that gave me inspiration. I would say, I want this piece to be voluptuous like Mariah Carey. I want this one to be classic like Jennifer Aniston.  I want this one to be seductive like Angelina Jolie. There is so much inspiration you  can take from the red carpet, and from actresses and dresses. Our tag line is “Where Furniture Meets Tashion.”  It’s very high-end and fashionable. Outdoor living has become extremely popular. And people are taking their living rooms outdoors. We wanted to create something very special.

There are three lines within the Red Carpet collection. Tell me a little about each.
First is Classic which is more traditional. It’s wicker. It has classic lines – lines that are beautiful. It’s something you will see around for a long time. It could go into any home. It would fit anywhere – in an old-world home or a more modern home.

Then there’s the line that is in-between which is called Couture. It’s wicker again, but it has lines that are a little more exotic and seductive. There are slits in the furniture in the back so it has a high-end feel to it. It’s a bit edgier. But it would still fit into any type of home.

And finally, the sleeker more cutting edge line is the Premier – which is our metal furniture. It probably fits better in a contemporary home.


What’s the décor motif in your home?
I have a very Mediterranean house. My style is very old-world inspired. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to put the Classic or Couture in my house. I’d probably do it in the brown wicker because I have a lot of naturals and tans and neutral colors.

What’s your number one essential as far as furniture and décor is concerned?
The outdoor bed I have is my number one essential . I got it for decorative purposes, and now it’s become something I’m obsessed with. It’s a gorgeous wicker bed with a canopy drape. We go out there, and my baby girl sits with me, and we read books. I go out there and drink coffee and talk with my husband. I got it for the beauty of it, and now we use it every single day. I think furniture can provide so many different memories. Now, when I think of my outdoor bed, I think of going out there with my little girl and being out there with my husband. You see a piece of furniture and you think of memories. You think of all the things it’s associated with.

There’s this chair at my house that belonged to my grandfather. And every time I see it, I think of my grandparent’s home. I think of my grandfather coming home. He wore a hat and full suit every day, and he’d take his hat off and put it on his chair.


After this, do you want to expand the collection more?
We are definitely going to expand the outdoor furniture line. I’d love to do more stuff– like baby furniture.  People always ask me what I would want to do in addition to broadcast. I’d love to be an interior decorator. I think it would be so fun.

Nancy O’Dell’s Red Carpet Furniture will be available this spring. For more information, visit