Neal Farinah Brings Out the Best of Beyonce’s Tour Tresses

By  March 25, 2014

Neal Farinah first began working with Beyoncé seven years ago, beginning with her “Irreplacable” video. Sticking to his philosophy of embracing the new you at any stage, he was behind many of the shocking hairstyles that dominated 2013, which culminated in her blockbuster visual albumWe know you still play the videos as you get primped for a night out. With Solange and the rest of the Destiny’s Child clan on his client list, we had to get all of the details from Farinah about working with Queen Bey on her biggest project and how we can score her tour tresses:

Q: When did you first begin working with Beyoncé and what was your first impression? 
A: I started working with Beyoncé seven years ago.  My first impression was that she was beautiful, inside and out, and OMG, what a dream come true to work with the biggest superstar!
Q: What was the inspiration behind her tour hair?
A: I tend to look at hair sites and magazines to see the latest trends but the biggest inspiration comes from Beyoncé. I come up with ten different looks, including color and present to her. I know she has to move for two hours and her hair has to move and still look great at the end of the show. It’s important to keep it sexy and flowing. Sexy hair is a plus.
Q: What has been the craziest experience during the tour?
A: It had to be last year, doing all the videos for the visual album and touring at the same time. We were leaving one country and traveling to do a video then making it back to do the show then go back to finish the video after the show. We had to keep changing her hair for the videos then back to her stage hair. Some days there was no time. I was worried that the fans would know something was up but no one caught on. It was the hardest thing I have done in my career but the most amazing.
Q: What’s the smallest window of time you’ve had to prep Beyoncé for the stage?
A: I’ve had 30 minutes. You just pray but somehow we pulled it off.
Q: What’s your favorite hair care must-have for Bey?
A: Not really a specific product but I have to say it is essential to keep the scalp moisturized every day. Travel, curling the hair every day - all can add to dryness.
Q: So, how can we make our tresses tour-worthy?/strong>
A: You can use a 2-inch curling iron to get the big curls. Curl hair in different directions.  Sexy hair is not perfect hair.  Then play around with hair serum to create a bed head look.