Nerd Is (Still) The Word: 8 Glasses To Geek-ify Your Gaze

By  August 22, 2013

With our middle school days far behind us, we’re still haunted by school photos featuring braces, heinous turtlenecks, and the occasional pigtail. Perhaps the only thing we wore back then that can inspire (is that even the right word?) our current style are geeky glasses. If nothing else, it’s okay to wear them now simply because of the suffix they’ve gained: geek-chic. Also, because Erin Heatherton wore them on the red carpet and stunned, naturally. That’s right, they’re still totally nerdy, but today we’re confident enough to rock them by mixing them with things we know are stylish. We’re huge fans of mixing sleek sophistication or downtown cool with straight-up nerd, and these frames are some of the best ways to do that, just in time for back-to-school. Our picks are cuter than the ones you wore in your 6th grade portrait, so go for it…just don’t accidentally snap them in half and tape them back together.


1. Spitfire Binary 57mm Optical Glasses, available at for $38.
2. Ray Ban New Wayfarer, available at for $180.
3. J. Crew Super Ciccio Eyeglasses, available at for $169.
4. Kate Spade Rebecca Readers, available at for $68.
5. Warby Parker Mallory Blue Marblewood Frames, available at for $95.
6. Gucci Ombre Square Fashion Glasses, available at for $325.
7. Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck, available at for $340.
8. Urban Outfitters Granger Readers, available at for $14.