Nicky Hilton’s Top 10 Style Tips

By  April 03, 2008

Imagine, if you will, that every time you left your house, you were photographed; snapshots of your best (and, gulp, worst) wardrobe choices had the possibility of winding up in places where your appearance—from hair to heels—was scrutinized by the masses. Now, put yourself in the shoes of a designer who has to whip up 30+ novel looks four times a year all while having to develop, represent, and maintain a certain type of dressing that sets them apart from hundreds of competitors.

If placed in either position—nevermind both at once—you’d need (an iron will) and few fail-proof wardrobe guidelines to make it through the day, wouldn’t you? And chances are you’d have learned way more than your fair share of style secrets, right? We thought so, which is why we asked Nicky Hilton—red carpet regular, Nicholai designer, and world famous pop culture icon—for her top 10 fashion rules. While Hilton’s codes have little to do with leather-like leggings, military jackets, and mod accessories—all key motifs of her fall ´08 collection—her no-nonsense tips are guaranteed to work for everyday Janes and paparazzi magnets alike.

nicky hiltons top 10 style rules

1. Always have a black pump in your closet.
2. Don’t buy up every “it bag.” They go out of style fast. Invest in a classic.
3. If you’re short, avoid ankle straps on shoes. They cut your leg off and make your legs look short.
4. Wear your jewelry during the day. Its ALWAYS ok to wear diamonds.
5. Buy a great coat every season. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath if you have a fabulous coat.
6. Wear color. It gets you noticed.
7. Always have manicured nails.
8. Accessorize with colorful or printed scarves. They can really dress up an outfit.
9. Buy vintage. That way, you know you’re not going to bump into anyone wearing the same thing as you.
10. Buy a great pair of boots. Knee-high, ankle…whatever.



*Snaps = Nicholai Fall ’08 runway from Nicholai, Hilton from Wireimage