#NYFW Fall 2010: Betsey Johnson’s Gunsmoke Gals Are Sexy at the Saloon

By  February 15, 2010

We’re obsessed with Betsey Johnson. Like, OBSESSED. And as if this is even possible, our obsession intensified when the daring designer sent gorgeous gun-slinging gals down the catwalk. With bigger than life hair.


As Nancy Sinatra and Rihanna tunes spun in the background, sooty-eyed models (including Kelly Osbourne) cheekily dressed as bandits, tarts, cattle wranglers, and saloon girls blew kisses while strutting their stuff with fluffed up strands set in two wind-blown ponytails.

We’d always pictured bundles of hay and rolling balls of tumbleweed—who knew the Wild, Wild, West was this sexy?

xx, India-Jewel Jackson
Twitter: OnGlamBeauty