#NYFW Generra

By  September 14, 2009



Generra is the new sportswear line embedded in American fashion consciousness. We are absolutely smitten with Generra’s blending of comfortable chic with a high fashion sensibility. The concept for Spring/Summer 2010 is based around a casual and complete lifestyle. The structure of the presentation captured the completeness and multi-layered look of Generra. One dramatic white wall divided the room in two. Women were on one side and men on the other. Generra displayed garments galore ranging from comfortable slacks to adorable rompers to the most picture perfect skirt and top ensembles. It would be cruel to withhold store locations but until very recently (days ago actually) Generra did not have a US store. We wanted to wish Generra the very best of luck upon its New York debut and so we went to the grand opening to scout it out. We promise that you are all in for a treat.

-Alyssa Bernstein