#NYFW Jessica Szohr Shares Style Secrets

By  September 12, 2009

Jessica Szohr

Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr front row at Rag & Bone.

Glam: What three fashion items are in your closet that you can’t get enough of right now?

Jessica: I’m liking my Rag & Bone leggings right now. They’re fitted so I feel like my butt is lifted and my legs are pulled together so that’s great. I got these really cool leopard heels that are stacked. I got them from Topshop actually but I saw them by a bunch of designers so I was happy to kind of have a deal with it. And a bunch of blazers I’m liking this year.

Glam: What’s the one thing every woman can wear to make her look and feel confident?

Jessica: A good pair of jeans you can never go wrong with.

Glam: What denim brands do you reach for in the morning?

Jessica: I like Sevens a lot. J Brand I love!

Glam: What can we look forward to in the new season of Gossip Girl?

Jessica: What can you not? It’s a new chapter for all of us. Some of us go to college, some of us are working everyday. We’re kind of growing up. Everyone is coming into their own…

~Maria Denardo