#NYFW Q & A with Peter Som

By  September 17, 2009


There are only a few things on this earth that are as beautiful as Peter Som’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. The use of color, embroidery, and the re-vamping of classic silhouettes was outrageously stunning. The range of color that Som was able to incorporate in his collection is the work of an accomplished and skilled design giant. Som concentrated on creating separates that each had a bold whirlwind of color. To the naked eye, it did not seem at all possible that the blending would be attractive let alone drop dead gorgeous. Seriously though, we are talking about pairing daring animal prints with tweed and the effect being something along the lines of: “How did he do that?” His genius shined through yet again in all the exaggerated ornamentation from the big bows to the breast plate style necklaces. The collection was not only drool-worthy but the designer himself is a real gem of a guy that is seemly laid back and old-world charming. We managed to steal him away for a couple minutes so we could probe his brain.   – Alyssa Bernstein

Q: What are three adjectives or ideas you would use to describe the essence of your Spring/Summer 2010 collection?

A: Madcap, colorful and prints.

Q: What has been the most fun and exciting event that you have experienced during New York Fashion Week 2010?

A: You mean besides my show?

Q: Well of course your show! It is spectacular by the way. In addition to presenting your collection, what else has been a thrilling Fashion Week moment?

A: I went to the Boom Boom room at the Standard Hotel for a party and it was a pretty amazing space and overall a truly lovely evening.

Q: What are your hot ticket must-have items for spring?

A: Color, color, color. I think everyone should move beyond their loyalty to black and white pieces and really try and bring color into their wardrobe in any way that they can. You can have colorful prints, accessories, shoes, clothing….really anything with a splash of color.

Q: If you could get on a plane in one hour and go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: That is funny you asked  because I am actually boarding a plane after my show and heading off to Majorca!