#NYFW Rachel Roy

By  September 13, 2009

Rachel Roy‘s Spring 2010 collection drew inspiration from ‘40s screen sirens, ‘70s chic, and the ‘90s power suit. When we spoke to the designer, she said she wanted to express an effortlessness while still achieving the chicness that she always aspires to. Key elements for her were “sexiness, androgyny to a certain point, and strength.” The androgynous pieces in her collection certainly exuded plenty of sex appeal and an air of confidence that we believe all women should aspire to. 


We snuck in an extra question for Rachel while her fans and friends crowded around to congratulate her on a beautiful collection. We wanted to know how she planned to celebrate and indulge after a successful show—and here’s what she had to say: “Good question! Well… I haven’t planned yet, but I want a massage, I want some time off, and I want a vodka!” Well Rachel, we think you deserve it! ~Amy Zhang