#NYFW Temperley London

By  September 16, 2009


Alice Temperley’s inspiration for her Spring 2010 collection was the circus—more specifically, she took elements of the 1920s and ‘30s circus and brought them into modern day clothing. The bright color palette, ranging from raspberry to cornflower, stood out beautifully against the neutrals—tons of black and white, milk, chalk, and ivory. The harlequin and stripe prints were prevalent, lending their circus extravagance to the looks, while the opulent fabrics and cuts of the clothes themselves added to the show stopping aesthetic.  ~Amy Zhang


We caught up with the designer during her presentation to find out a little more about the collection—and her personal preferences!

Glam: How did you get the inspiration for this ‘20s and ‘30s circus theme?

Alice: I’ve always been inspired by harlequin and the ‘20s and ‘30s. We were looking into the new digital way that we’re showing and the use of the internet—we thought the circus and the traveling circus would be a brilliant concept to do.

So the circus is the theme, and each [look] is like a harlequin, a clown, a trapeze story, the lion tamer, the tattooed woman… Everything was broken down into our collection, based on the circus. 

What was the aesthetic choice behind using lots of black and white?

A lot of the images were black and white from that time, and they were painted back into. There’s a much bigger color palette, but all from the colors used on the circus posters of the time. We kept the details very graphic—because there was a lot of black and white, there seemed to be lots of striped, big top details, lots of lacing. There was lots of influence from that time with Egyptian jewelry, probably from the finding of Tutankhaman’s tomb, so there’s lots of that referenced through the jeweled pieces here.

Your collection also uses a lot of bright pops of color—what are your favorite colors for spring?

For spring, I actually really like wearing black, because you’re not wearing much and black makes you feel slender. More fitted shapes and structured pieces that make you feel amazing—they hold you in and they’re really comfortable to wear. Stretch cottons! I also really like the blues, purples, and silvers in the big knitted dresses. On the other side of black, I also like lots of color with graphics and stuff like that. I love to wear that in the evening—it’s very, very elegant, I think.

In that line, what spring trends are you most excited for?

I think it’s wearing really detailed pieces, but mixing and matching. People are going to be more aware about buying the key item that’s got a lot of work in it—or it’s just a classic. There’s an exceeding amount of work in all of these pieces, but you can break them up and separate them. We’ve done a lot more separates that can go together in different and novel ways. Lots of accessories this season, and shoe’s as well!

Final question: how do plan to celebrate or indulge after your show is over?

Well, we have a party hear, and then we go to another party at the Rose Bar. Then we go back to London and have a show there and then a party there. And then we go to Paris… We’re the traveling circus! A show and a party in each city!