O.C Actors in Films

By  July 02, 2009

The two characters, Seth and Marissa, are finally moving on from Orange County to make it on the big screen. Adam Brody is filming A Couple of Dicks with an excellent cast including Bruce Willis, Sean William Scott and Michelle Tratenberg. Here are a couple of pictures from the set. The movie is planned to release in Feb 2010.



Brody is in another film with the infamous Megan Fox! Jennifer’s Body is about a cheerleader who turns into a killer. It is going to be a horror-comedy and will be released September this year. Check out the trailer right here, and take a look at how creepy Fox looks!


Now, here is a look at what the gorgeous Mischa Barton has been up to…


Mischa Barton, who disappeared for a LONG time, has finally gotten back into the loop. Not only is she going to be in a new TV series called The Beautiful Life, but she will be releasing a horror film, Homecoming, on July 17th. She also played a role in The Assassination of  a High-School President, which showed at the Sundance Film Festival last year and got excellent reviews. However, the production company went broke, and couldn’t release the film. To read more about it, and check out the awesome trailer just click here. No wonder we haven’t been seeing much of her!

- Aanchal

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