One of a Kind: Hand-Painted Accessories

By  June 11, 2009

Stand out! When everyone’s following the crowd go against the grain and try something completely unique. These 5 great accessories are the perfect way to look original. They are hand-painted by an artist and will always carry different variations. Sometimes if you contact the artist directly you can even have them create a completely custom design fit for your own style. But these aren’t your everyday arts & crafts projects, they are made by skilled artists with special paints specific in order to prevent smudging, chipping or wearing off. So go ahead, update  your look with something artsy.


Work Tote Collage, Anuschka, $475

Alexandra- Goddess Pendant, Karen Sugarman Designs, $1,202

“Shopaholic” Wine Glass, Lolita, $23.75

Vans-Joy, Punk Your Chucks, Custom Quote

Floral Painted Sunglasses, Free People, $19.95