One-on-One With Snooki Couture

By  November 19, 2012

We all know Nicole Polizzi as Snooki, the pint-sized Jersey Shore girl who captured America’s attention with her party-harder-than-hard antics on the hit MTV show. Now, with her run on the popular reality series coming to an end, Snooki is focusing her energies on a growing brand empire that includes jewelry, fragrance, handbags, and books… and that’s not even the half of it.The mini millionaire is going from the boardwalk to the boardroom with Snooki Couture, her latest guide to looking and smelling like a Guidette. We chatted with Snooki at the New York launch of her new collection for nails and namesake fragrance that can bring out the wild side in us all.

Q: So many of us know you as Snooki from Jersey Shore. But what is Snooki Couture the brand?
A: Snooki Couture is fun, leopard print, and bold. When, you think of couture, you think of expensive. My couture is mature and sexy.
Q: What’s your favorite “mature and sexy” product from this new line?
A: I love all of my products. When it comes to tanning, my jewelry, my fragrances, my nail polish, I love them all. And I rock my own stuff. I have on my own jewelry right now that I just launched yesterday, and I’m wearing Gold Mind and Party’s Here [nail polishes], part of my glitter collection, which is All That Glitters, and it’s the holiday collection.
Q: What type of girl would wear your bold creations from Snooki Couture?
A: I don’t target anybody! I feel like my products are for everybody and I say my products don’t discriminate against anyone. You can be 13 to 60 years old; my gay friends rock my perfume all the time. Anybody can rock my products because it just makes you feel fun and t makes you feel sexy.
Q: It’s great that we can see a lot of Snooki in all of your products. Where does your personal sense of style come from?
A: I really don’t have a style — I wear anything. Right now, I’m wearing pleather, a blouse, fringe necklace. I like to spice it up, so sometimes I do a metallic look and then a leopard look and then a pleather look.
Q: So what’s next? You’ve got a new fragrance, nail polishes, books, accessories, and more. What can we expect from Snooki Couture, and your brand in general?
A: I look up to Jessica Simpson when it comes to branding. She started out so small and she just blew up. I’m wearing her boots right now! She has amazing products that are affordable, and I definitely look up to her. I want to have my own clothing line, my own shoes, my own bags, so I’m just trying.
Q: What is the must-have product from your collection that people need to grab for the holidays?
A: You want to smell good for the holidays. I don’t like to pick my favorite perfume, so I actually use both of them. I made this [second scent] not so overpowering, so you can mix it with my first [Snooki by Nicole Pilozzi Eau de Parfum], so you smell fruity and sexy at the same time. And you need your glitters, and also, this is a good polish for the holidays. It’s Money Maker, it’s green because I like money, and it’s shimmery. It’s good for the holidays!

You can purchase Snooki’s new fragrance, Snooki Couture for $45 at HSN (with a neon leopard print tote included), and stake out the site for her other holiday goodies, to be listed Black Friday, November 23.