By  January 25, 2008

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When did you fall in love with hair?
In my early teens. I was enamored as I watched my mother fix her hair with intensity and passion. The finished product always memorized me as I watched the waves and shapes come together in a beautiful pattern. In pursuing this obsession, when I entered high school, I signed up to volunteer as an assistant for the local university’s continuing-education program, where they placed me in an advanced hairstyling class. This was the beginning of my path to curl expertise.

Which celebrities do you work with on a regular basis?
Many celebrities have honored me with regular visits to the salon, including Mary Steenburgen, Juliana Margulies, and Amanda Lewis. The first-and-foremost regular who comes to mind is Minnie Driver. Also, my products are used by celebrity stylists during film and photo shoots and on television sets throughout the world.

What’s the easiest way to tame curly, unruly tresses?
By far the most important and effective way to tame curly tresses is to perform a deep protein treatment every two weeks religiously. This will fill the internal layer
of the hair with moisture so the climate
will not affect it, thereby eliminating frizz and unruliness.

Name five haircare products every curly-haired woman should own?
The five vital products for the curly girl’s arsenal are:
1. Light shampoo (to be used twice
a week)
2. Daily conditioner
3. Spray-on conditioner (to seal
in moisture)
4. Styling lotion (a breathable one to help set your curls)
5. Finishing pomade (to open up
the curls)

What was your favorite decade as far as hair is concerned?
The ultimate look came in the late ’80s, characterized by big flowing curls and waves. The ’90s are a close second, marked by ever-changing styles that went from choppy off-color looks to sex-kitten looks à la Brigitte Bardot to looks that were pure glam.
Are there any hairstyles you wish would disappear forever?
This is an easy one: the over-layered cut with a heavy bang. It overpowers a woman’s features. Most important, as far as curly hair is concerned, less is more!

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