Out of This World!

By  October 20, 2009

alienWhen we think of the word “alien,” we usually conjure up thoughts of either E.T. and his love of chocolate candies or those little green men from Mars. Thierry Mugler is changing that definition with their fragrance by the same name, but in a new format. With the success of their Alien Eau de Parfum, they have just launched the Alien Eau de Toilette. It has a very sensual and effervescent feel to it with notes of tangerine essence, Moroccan jasmine grandiflorum, white amber and Kashmir wood all contained in a bottle that looks like a giant amethyst. You’ll definitely feel more mysterious and other-worldly with this ethereal fragrance!

Available for $50-75 at ThierryMugler.com.

xx, Valis Vicenty