Oxygen Wants You to Give More Face

By  July 08, 2013


Oxygen’s The Face is gearing up for another season after selecting Devyn (from team Karolina) to be the new face of Ulta Beauty. And you could be next!

The show is hosting an open casting call for Season 2 on Sunday, July 21st at Chelsea Studios (151 West 26th Street, 6th Floor) in New York City from 10:00AM to 4:00PM. Before you reach for your highest heels and practice your model poses, we talked to head casting director Randy Bernstein to dish about what it’s like casting a show like this and find out what it takes to earn a call back.

Q: What are you looking for when you cast when you cast Season 2 of The Face?
A: We’re looking for girls that are driven to becoming the face of a national brand. We’re looking for girls who not only have a great face but have a great spirit, someone that is a great spokesperson for that particular brand.
Q: How are you going to differentiate the casting from the first season?
A: I think it worked so well the first season that we’ll probably go for the same types of girls. I feel like we found a lot of good up-and-coming faces who were in the industry before. And why break it if it’s not broken.
Q: Were there any girls that you saw during the first season’s casting that didn’t make it that would be a good fit for the second season?
A: Absolutely! We met so many amazing girls for first season that maybe weren’t ready yet, maybe they came to an audition and our experts thought that they needed a little bit more development. So for people like that I encourage them to come back. This is a tough world, I’m going to be the first to say, it’s not easy being a model. It’s very difficult time.
Q: Did you study the model coaches on the show at all? In terms of what they might need for their cast?
A: We were just looking for the best girls possible. Obviously, we spoke to them to find out what they might be looking for and definitely used that when making decisions but we definitely tried to find girls that we could see becoming the next great face.
Q: You did pick the winner because one of the girls you casted became the winner, did you think anything initially when you met her?
A: You know what? I knew that she stood out. I knew that she had striking features, but we thought about that about a few of the girls. You knew there was something special about Devyn though. There were a few bumps in the road for her: she was a single mom, working two jobs. She was really waiting for that break, and we were able to give that to her.

If you’re looking to make your big break by becoming the next face for a national brand, check out everything you need to do prepare for the casting here. Good luck!