Parisian Pop, to the Maxx

By  June 16, 2009

peeking floral2
We don’t just love French elegance and Parisian chic—we covet it, wholeheartedly and unabashedly. So naturally, we adore the Dana-Maxx Spring/Summer 2009 collection, titled ‘Parisian Pop,’ influenced by French pop singers, and described as “so upbeat and colorful, it ought to be in a chic Parisian candy shoppe!” It’s always refreshing to see a designer bring contrasting elements together so well—‘Parisian Pop’ is feminine and quite chic, but in an undeniably fun and playful way—we especially love the cute face motif. And there are so many pretty dresses and playful shapes to choose from, we do feel a bit like kids in a candy store.


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