Party Planning: A Glam Girls’ Night In

By  April 01, 2014

Party Planning: A Glam Girls’ Night In

With conflicting schedules keeping us from catching up with our group of girls as often as we wish we could, it’s important to take full advantage of the times when the whole gang gets together.

An exciting night at home rather than a hectic night on the town can be a unique, intimate way to have some fun with the ladies. If you’re hosting, surprise your sisters with a thought-out get-together that covers all the details. Celebrate friendship, fashion, and fabulousness with some of our tips.

The drinks: Give your girlies something warm-weather-appropriate with a juice bar set up with curly straws and crazy cups. Offer a few refreshment options: homemade sugary lemonade for those with a candy-keen tooth, spiked punch for your drinking darlings, and a guilt-free option for ladies looking for something sweet minus the consequences. Trop50 Raspberry Acai, with 50 percent less calories and sugar and no artificial sweeteners, is the perfect third juice to feature. Let your ladies know they’ll be getting their antioxidants with each delicious and refreshing sip too.

The dining: The easiest way to feed your friends is to have everyone bring a small dish to share. Let them know you’ll be providing a juice bar so their recipes will align with something fruity and fresh. This will keep it all in theme with the sunny season as well. For the plates that you’ll be providing, take a trip to the local farmer’s market for inspiration. See what’s in season, and create your menu from there.

The delights: Bring fun decor and unique details into your home, and then set up a slew of activities for your friends to be entertained with. Chick-flick marathons, craft wars, charades, and board games are all ways to have fun without going out. If you’re a group of shopoholics, why not do a clothing exchange? Have everyone bring a stylish, season appropriate item from their closet that they’re willing to swap out for a bit.