Play Ball!

By  April 04, 2010


So before the Yankees fans go berserk, allow me to explain… I’ve never been big on sports. I don’t really follow baseball. Growing up, my family always rooted for the Mets, and I never really gave it a second though. Until I started dating Dan. A die-hard born-and-raised Red Sox fan, my Boston-loving boyfriend bought me every girlie Red Sox item available. (I’ve been booed on the streets of New York City wearing a pink Red Sox hat.) I root for the Red Sox via association. But, in reality, I still couldn’t care less. (Sorry, Dan! Sorry, fans!)

Anyway, we saw this ridiculous puppy Red Sox cap on a trip to Nantucket, and we needed Reese to have it. It could have been touting the Yankees, Braves or Cubs… Didn’t matter to me. It was just too cute for her not to have! And regardless of who you’re rooting for you have to admit that she’s absolutely adorable… So in the spirit of sportsmanship, Reese and I say “Happy Baseball Season!… Go ________! (insert favorite team name).