Prime Time to Begin to Prime!

By  July 28, 2009

“Not to Prime is a Crime!,” our good friend and fabulous makeup artist, Napoleon Perdis, says. And we couldn’t agree more, which is why we want to introduce you to his priming set, Prime Time. Primer is the first makeup step- right before you put on foundation. It smooths fine lines in the skin and helps makeup go on more smoothly and evenly. Primer helps hide scars and acne, and makes skin look more radiant. An extra step in the morning? Yes. Completely worth it when the day is over? Absolutely! If you haven’t used primer before, it’s time to start now, before Perdis decides to sue you!


Pre-foundation Primer- Primes and adds moisture to the skin through soybean oil. $29. Pre-foundation Pore Perfecting Primer- Primes and moisturizes as well as minimizes the appearance of pores. $26. Pre-foundation Bronzing Primer- Primes and moisturizes as well as adds a tint of bronzer to keep you glowing. $29. Lip Primer- Shields your lips while adding moisture through Cocoa Butter and protection through Green Tea Extract. $15.

xx, Arielle Sobov