#NYFW Q & A with Jillian Lewis at Fashion Week

By  September 09, 2009

Jillian Lewis SS 2010 

Project Runway has a cult following. There are millions of fashion and design junkies (guilty) out there that tune in every week to see the latest episode that concludes with the dramatic and sexy “auf wiedersehen” from Heidi Klum.  It’s a show that features and cultivates some of the most promising, gifted emerging designers. We were lucky enough to catch up and ask season four contestant and finalist Jillian Lewis some questions at the very fabulous presentation of her RTW Spring 2010 collection. – Alyssa Bernstein 

Q: Do you still follow Project Runway?

A: Of course! I watched it before I was on the show and I still watch. I really am a huge fan of the show but I would like to think I have a similar relationship to Project Runway as Justin Timberlake has to the Mickey Mouse Club.

Q: That analogy is too alluring! What do you mean exactly?

A: Well I think that I have moved on from my time on Project Runway, but the experience and exposure has enabled me to be where I am today and for that I will always cherish Project Runway. I think Justin handled his Mickey Mouse membership just perfectly. 

Q: Now, let’s get down to the dirt. Who was your favorite judge on the show?

A: Permanent or surprise judge?

Q: That is the better question. Let’s go with both. 

A: For the permanent judge, I would have to say Nina Garcia. I felt she was always honest and worked towards delivering feedback that was insightful. I was really excited when I learned that Donna Karen would be a guest judge. I have always admired her work and meeting her was even more compelling because she is so down to earth even though she has an empire in her name. 

Q: If you could design a garment for any celebrity who would be your dream client?

A: Chloe Sevigny. She has such authentic and dimensional style and I would be honored if she wore any of my pieces. 

Q: So let’s say the world was going to end but you were given the chance to shop anywhere for the last time. Where would you go?

A: Wow. That is some question but it must say something about me that I do have an answer. I would go to the boutique Curve downtown because it is obscure, well edited, and has a clean aesthetic. 

Q: And finally the question of all questions: who are you wearing?

A: My own design from my fall collection!