Q & A with Mara Hoffman

By  September 06, 2013


Known for her show-stopping prints, Mara Hoffman delights editors and influencers in both Miami and New York during Fashion Week. In anticipation of her Spring 2014 show, Glam caught up with Hoffman for a rapid fire Q&A regarding all of her favorite locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, from weekend brunch to hotel haunts and sports teams to Seamless orders.

Q: Favorite neighborhood in NYC:
A: My neighborhood- Williamsburg
Q: Favorite bars and lounges:
A: There’s a new Peruvian place in my neighborhood called Desnuda.
Q: Favorite restaurants:
A: Rosarito’s in Williamsburg is one  of my favorite spots to sit outside and eat Mexican seafood.
Q: Go to brunch spots:
A: Lodge
Q: Places to relax:
A: The hammock in my backyard
Q: Park you frequent:
A: McCarren Park
Q: Grocery store of choice:
A: Whole Foods
Q: Where to find inspiration:
A: The internet, vintage books, art and photography.
Q: Favorite Museum:
A: The MET
Q: Hotel haunts:
A: GoldenEye Resort in Jamaica
Q: Favorite outer-borough:
A: Brooklyn
Q: Name three things on your bucket list:
A: They are all about traveling the world
Q: Biggest Pet-Peeve:
A: People that eat with their mouth open
Q: Guiltiest Pleasure:
A: Proscuitto
Q: What’s your hidden talent?
A: I don’t hide my talents
Q: If you weren’t a designer, you’d be a…
A: Fortune teller
Q: Texts, phone calls, emails, or letters?
A: Texts
Q: Shows you DVR:
A: Naked and Afraid, True Blood
Q: First Job in NYC:
A: I worked at a clothing store called Liquid Sky
Q: App you use the most
A: I use a bunch of photo apps but don’t want to give away my secrets.
Q: Song that makes you want to dance:
A: Patience by Nas & Damien Marley
Q: Go to takeout order:
A: Thai food
Q: Still or sparkling?
A: Still
Q: Last vacation you went on:
A: I went to Buffalo with my family for the 4th of July
Q: 5 items that are always in your fridge:
A: Soy milk, hummus, prosciutto, fruit, dark chocolate (not in the fridge but always around)