Ask a Stylist: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding


Q: I have a bunch of fall weddings coming up and have no idea what to wear. Can you help?  A: Getting dressed for a wedding can be super stressful. If you think about it, the bride has it easy! There’s a preset color palette (white), and her dress is chosen months in advance. But what about the little people who are given only a few months to pull a look together? We have to think about dressing stylishly and appropriately. (Can’t go around upstaging the bride now, can we?) It’s hard. I get it. Lucky for you, I have some tips to make getting dressed for a fall wedding a breeze. 1. Keep the color palette in mind. Fall weddings call for maroons, navy, deep purples, and the like. Stay away from neon, pastels, and any other color that will have you sticking out like a sore thumb. 2. Simplicity = stylish.  A wedding isn’t the time to overdo it with your personal flair. Keep it simple. A stunning dress and delicate jewelry are always a wedding win. 3. Read the invitation. Most wedding invitations come with a dress code. Follow it. If it’s black tie, dress accordingly. With an outdoor wedding, you can opt for a more casual look. Creative interpretation is not welcome. 4. Remember whose day it is. Let all eyes be on the bride—it’s her day. Think of yourself as a tasteful and classic accessory to her bold, stylish outfit. 1. Lela Rose Jagged Paint-Splatter Dress, $1,395 2. Vince Camuto Tour of Duty Studded Buckle Wrap Bracelet in Gold/Wine Lizard, $88 3. Tom Ford Lip Color in Bruised Plum, $49 
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