Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… Revamp!

By  July 28, 2009

We all know about St. Ives’ Apricot Scrub—we’ve probably all used it at some point (or still do), and no surprise, it’s the number one selling facial product in the U.S.! And as if we didn’t love the scrub enough, St. Ives has adopted some changes to make it—along with all of their other products—that much better.


For starters, the packaging has a brand new look! It’s clean, easy to navigate, and spotlights the benefits of each product. Take the revamped Apricot Scrub for example: the “benefit bar” tells you how the product will benefit your skin, the natural ingredient is displayed at the top, and the “product smear” shows you exactly what you’re going to get from the bottle. In addition, the packaging itself uses eco-friendly solutions and post-consumer recycled materials whenever possible.

But that’s not all! St. Ives’ product changes have taken place inside and out for a total transformation that still brings you the same quality and effectiveness as before. As St. Ives Marketing Director Carl Gerlach says, “Our new formulations deliver the nature-inspired beauty benefits that our customers seek, without sacrificing efficacy or aesthetics.” This means that the brand has also cut out all unnecessary chemicals from their products in order to eliminate possibly harmful ingredients such as parabens and phthalates.


We love that St. Ives has achieved such a great new look while not only maintaining a commitment to natural and quality products, but also keeping their products in the same affordable price range—and we’ve definitely reintroduced the Apricot Scrub back into our skincare routine. Visit to learn more about the changes and to find the perfect products for you!