Remove Eye Makeup, Avoid Reactions

By  May 19, 2009

602581_lThe one thing I HATE about wearing makeup?  Taking it off!  It’s such a commitment. Nothing worse than coming home after a long evening knowing the whole time I have to go through a nightly beauty routine before hitting the hay.  Not only is waking up with mascara-stained pillow cases a total nuisance, but sleeping in eye makeup is super bad for your eyes.

As pointed out by Newsweek, sleeping in eye makeup definitely causes unnecessary irritation to the thin skin surrounding the eye.  And, if particles from mascara or eyeshadow falls into the eye overnight, it can cause severe redness and itching.  On top of that, sleeping in mascara also hardens eyelashes, often leaving them extra stiff and inflexible. (Aren’t lashes supposed to be soft and fluffy?)

Bottom line? At the end of the day, just wash it off.

My personal favorite eye makeup remover is Lancôme’s Bi -Facil.  It’s gentle and works extremely well—one or two quick swipes and you’re done.  Pick up a 4.2 fl oz bottle at Lancô for $26.

xoxo, Arielle Sobov