Royal Scents

By  October 13, 2009

There’s something quite decadent about basking an afternoon away in a softly perfumed room. It reminds us of an older time and a richer lifestyle, complete with gilded mirrors, fancy gowns, and court life. But thanks to Royal Apothic, any one of us can now experience that life with the simple spray of a bottle. The LA/London-based company’s Interior Fragrances and Luminarie Candles feature some of the most appealing scents (and imagined lifestyles) that we can think of.


Bring yourself to the Far East with the Blend of: Japonesque, which celebrates the ancient tea ceremonies of Japan with notes of Green Macha (tea), Jasmine, and Rose… Imagine your evening of Italian splendor with a Distillation of: A Venetian Grove, which features notes of Orange trees, sweet Black Currant, and Rose leaves… Take a stroll with your aristocratic French cohorts in the Essence of: A Versailles Afternoon, which brings a fragrant garden of Tuberose, Carnations, Ripe Tangerine, and Orange Blossom…

The possibilities are endless! Visit for your scent-illating imagined realities.