Ruffle Shuffle

By  November 23, 2009

For those who think ruffles are only fit for the saccharine pink dresses of 5-year-old girls (or bad bridesmaid dresses…), think again! These pretty pleats of fabric, big or small, are the perfect feminine frill to an ordinary jacket or clutch, and they definitely help lend a dressier feel to a regular blouse or cardigan. We say embrace the little frills this season—just keep your eye out for pieces that express your personal style! We’re huge fans of the zipper-lined ruffles on that Susan Farber clutch (below)!


1. Navy Ruffle Hamptons Coat, $86 at

2. Anne Lemen Nude Beatrice Top, $103.50 at

3. Susan Farber Ruffle Zip Clutch, $198 at

4. Buffy Cardigan, approximately $107 at