Santa Maria Novella, Bella

By  August 06, 2009

To most travelers who have passed through the beautiful city of Florence, Italy, Santa Maria Novella is two things: a church, and the main train station that’ll get you to other Italian and European hot spots. But a lesser-known fact about Santa Maria Novella is that it houses an apothecary, which has been open and running since 1612.


1. SMN Lozenges, $13 | 2. SMN Aloe Vera Face/Body Gel, $35 | 3. SMN Mimosa Helichrysum Cream, $65 | 4. SMN Hay Cologne, $110

The apothecary now doubles as a museum, but its products are still being distributed today. The formulas range from lozenges to body creams to perfumes with enticing and natural scents. And the best part about all of this—you don’t have to go all the way Florence to get them (although we’d never say no to an Italian vacation…). There are Santa Maria Novella apothecary shops in both New York and Los Angeles, and you can buy the products online, too!

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