Save Your Scalp (Part 2!)

By  October 15, 2009

sugarandfigWith so much concentration on taking care of damaged hair, people often forget about what lays beneath—the scalp! Although we have hopefully helped your scalp from sunburn this summer from our past Save Your Scalp article, we have more advice on how to treat your scalp- with a scalp scrub! It may sound like a complete oily mess, but Bain de Terre has created Sugar and Fig Scalp Massage Scrub, a scalp scrub with natural sugar to get rid of product build-up and dead skin. The sugar dissolves easily so you’ll be able to get it all out in one rinse. Plus, the fig in the concoction moisturizes and smells delicious! Just because you can’t necessarily see your scalp doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to it, so get-a-scrubbin’!

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xx, Arielle Sobov