Save Your Scalp

By  May 26, 2009

Ever showered after a day at the beach and winced in major pain while washing your hair? Chances are, you may have slathered your body with SPF, but totally forgot about your poor scalp.  Don’t forget, hair isn’t exactly a sun-proof force field, and the scalp is still in fact skin… So start summer off the right way—check out some sunscreens made specifically to protect your scalp!scalp-collage

  1. Banana Boat Hair and Scalp Protector Sunscreen Spray SPF 15.  Get your 8 oz. bottle for $8.27 at
  2. Shiseido Refreshing Sun Protection Spray SPF 16. Get your 5 fl. oz. bottle for $28 at
  3. Procyte Ti-Silc Scalp Defense SPF 20.  Get your 4 fl. oz. bottle for $34.95 at
  4. SUNdition Scalp Sunscreen SPF 15. Get your 2 fl. oz bottle for $8.95 at

Happy summer!

x, Arielle Sobov