Scent Crafters

By  September 04, 2009

Calling all fragrance fanatics, Scent Crafters is a great tool that helps you create your own perfume or duplicate a scent that may have been discontinued. The custom program takes you through step by step as you choose a scent you like, from notes like flowers, plants, spices, exotic scents, fruits, or even the blueprint of an existing perfume. From your choice Scent Crafters can provide you with some suggestions for other scents that will mix well with your choice. After you agree on your perfume you also get to pick your own bottle and label. You can choose the perfume color, write your name, or upload a logo. Scent Crafters also hangs on to your custom recipe so that you can duplicate it the next time you run out! Happy mixing!


A 3.4 oz bottle of custom perfume costs $34.99.
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