Sephora Brand Top Five Faves

By  June 12, 2009

Besides for ice cream and weekend trips to the beach, there’s really no better way to indulge in summer than by purchasing fantastic beauty products that just scream warm weather. Sephora Brand put together their favorite products, and we’d love to share some of them that we loved as well to help you get in the mood for summer. Considering all this rain doesn’t exactly feel like summer, we’re going to need these fun products to at least remember the days when summer meant sunshine!


  1. Why would you ever file with a plain old nail file when you can have these for just $8?! Get these fun colorful files here.
  2. When you’re sitting at work wishing you were at an exotic island, just spray some Sephora Brand Divine Oil and you’ll automatically smell like you just hopped on a plane to  return home from Jamaica. Get your lightly-tinted illuminating body spray here for $18.
  3. Go under the sea with Mermaid to Order by OPI.  Just make sure your nails are dry before diving in! Available here for $9.
  4. Get these Sephora Brand Snag-Free Hair Elastics before Carrie Bradshaw puts hair ties in the same category as hair scrunchies (out of style, and so obviously a tourist in the Big Apple!)  To pull your pony out without snagging hairs, get yours here for $3.50 in clear or black.
  5. Can’t go into the sun without making sure your pout is protected!  FACE Very Sexy Nourishing Lip Blam contains SPF 15 and shea butter for everyday wear.  Get yours here for $7.

xx, Arielle Sobov