If you’ve finally mustered the enthusiasm to leave your college dorm, city apartment, or suburban home to head out for a quick errand, the dress code calls for the same requirements—comfy, casual, and practical.
Aerie Pillowsoft bras are here to get you through an arduous day and night of studying, from the classroom to the library and back again.
I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Jelly flats, sandals and boots are making a huge comeback since their glory days in the ‘80s. Jelly footwear is the epitome of juniors high, sleepovers and trapper keepers, but these jelly
The end of summer weather always makes getting dressed in the morning a little tricky with temperatures fluctuating from hot to cool one day to the next. Smooth the transition into fall by layering one of these lightweight jackets over
Looking like Mr. T. has never been chicer as our love of thick, gold chains moves into overdrive this season. From the runway to Rihanna — the chunky necklace is making a big statement.  You can opt for a designer version
Typically, I don’t venture too far into the world of sandals. Flip flops are a definite no for me (unless I’m at the beach), so my summer shoes typically consist of wedges, skimmers and canvas sneakers. I am venturing a little outside
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