Sweet and sexy lace tops make the perfect late summer investment. Wear one now with everything from skirts to denim cut-offs, and wear it later as the weather cools under jackets and blazers. Here are some of our favorite lace picks to buy
I’ve always been a t-shirt-and-boxers kind of girl in terms of sleepwear. Last summer I bought a camisole and sleep shorts set, but I rarely wear them. However, recently I have been continuously drawn to crisp cotton PJ sets. Something
Looking for the perfect summer it-bag? Meet Furla! I love to make a statement and their signature, rubber handbags (carefully curated in Italy, I might add) do just the trick for me. [...]
At 8 months pregnant, I'm realizing that my ambitions of wearing heels are slowly going away.  At this point with my gigantic belly I'd rather be comfy than cute in heels.  However, I still can't give up a bit of height so I've been
I love wearing cute shoes as much as the next girl, but the fact is some days I just want to wear flip flops. They’re comfortable and keep feet cool when it’s warm, so why not give your feet a rest every once in a while? We totally
Wearing metals and precious jewelry to the beach or pool can be a no-no; not only do you risk damaging or losing an expensive item, but gold and silver can heat up in the sun and cause discomfort or minor burns. But that doesn’t mean you
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