Shorts for Sure: Casual Friday Edition

By  July 24, 2009

As much as we love denim cutoffs (especially in the summer months!), they’re obviously not appropriate for the office. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear shorts at all to work. While it really does depend on the strictness of your office’s dress code, there are plenty of more formal shorts in stores now that you can choose from. We like the idea because they’re as cool as skirts, but are a little easier to wear.

For work, say goodbye to worn denim and hello to longer lengths and roomier cuts. Here are four cute ones to try—some a little more conservative than others, but all totally chic.


1. 5″ Chino Short, $39.50 at

2. Twenty8Twelve Beige Darcy Pleated Shorts, $122.10 at

3. Wide Waist Bermuda Short, $22.50 at

4. Linen Button Short, $44 at