8 Zesty Salad Toppers

salsa pepitas golden-raisins edamame blue-cheese avocados artichokes wasabi-peas
By Courtney Whitmore April 26, 2013
Pick your favorite salsa variety to turn up the heat on your next salad night. It’ll kick up your dish with lots of bold flavors like chipotle, fire-roasted pepper, and jalapeno!
Shelled pumpkin seeds, also called pepitas, are the perfect toss-in to your salad. They’re a good source of protein while providing lots of tasty crunch.
These plump and tangy raisins from California provide the perfect touch of sweetness to salad greens. Toss them in for a punch of tasty flavor!
Turn this common appetizer into a salad topper by tossing shelled edamame onto your greens. They’re loaded with tasty flavor and healthy fiber, all while adding exotic flair to your dish.
Cheese might be a common salad staple, but the bold flavor of blue cheese crumbles provides an easy way to add some bite to your next salad.
Avocados can provide a tasty addition when sliced atop your salad – not to mention a dose of healthy fats. Pair it with Kraft’s Zesty Italian Dressing for a bold taste!
This veggie doesn’t have to be in dip form to be delicious. Top an Italian salad with marinated artichoke hearts for pops of dynamic flavor and texture.
For a bold, spicy flavor, throw some wasabi peas into your salad. They give salad the perfect crunch, with lots of zesty flavor – they’re anything but ordinary.
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